Mercy High School Football Films

I have managed to get moving on digitizing a number of Mercy High School Football films. These films are mostly Super 8mm films from the late 60s, 70s, and a few from the 80s. I am digitizing all the films that I have, and the list does not cover ALL the games from that era Im afraid.

This has been an expensive prospect to safely digitize these. At first I thought I could use a projector to do this, but then I found that the projector that my dad used was damaging the film, so I immediately stopped using it. I looked around for another projector, but it would seem those are pretty hard to come by. I have therefore opted to have a professional group digitize these.

My plan is this: Im going to ask former players who wish to have a DVD of particular games to pay $25 per game for a dvd. Once I receive enough orders to cover the cost of digitizing the entire collection (which amounts to around $500) I will post the videos on youtube. I will ask those who purchase the dvd copies to not copy them for friends and to not post them until I can recover the cost of digitizing.  Please allow for up to three weeks to have these shipped to you.  I expect to get the first order of digitized films in the next few weeks.

I really wish I had more games. My dad, unfortunately, tended to keep his favorite games, and particularly the games that Mercy won! The games that I have are as follows (all games are the year that the game was played):

1966 Mercy—Rosary
1966 Mercy 14—Deandreas 0
1967 Mercy 14—DuBourg 13
1967 Mercy 14—McBride 7
1968 Mercy 27—centreal 14 (two reels)
1968 Mercy 6—Rosary 0 (two reels)
1968 Mercy —McBride
1969 Mercy 30—Central 0
1969 Mercy 36–Farmington 14 (state semifinal game)
1969 Mercy 14—St. Marys 8
1969 Mercy 28—Rosary 0
1969 Mercy 20—chaminade 6
1969 Mercy 39—aquinas 14
1970 Mercy 18—McBride 10
1971 Mercy 32—Marquette 0
1971 Mercy 46—Kennedy 0
1971 Mercy 25—Dubourg 10
1972 Mercy 31—Marquette 0
1972 Mercy 13—Deandreis 6
1972 Mercy 6—Aquinas 0
1972 Mercy 19—Kennedy 0
1972 Mercy 20—Dubourg 0
1974 Mercy 0—chaminade 3 (only losing film in the collection!!! )
1974  Mercy 13—Rosary 6
1974 Mercy 21—aquinas 6
1974 Mercy 27—Lutheran North 8
1976?? Mercy 33—Warrenton 14 (home game)
1977 Mercy 26-Rosary 0
1977 Mercy—Kennedy
1977 Mercy 34—Aquinas 10
1977 Mercy-Dubourg-Aquinas-Kennedy-Rosary Jamboree
1979 Mercy 14-Rosary 7
1980 Mercy—DuBourg
1980 Mercy 22—Kennedy 0
1981 Mercy 32-Aquinas 0
1982 Mercy 31-Rosary 17
1982 Mercy 34—Aquinas 0
1982 Mercy 28—Dubourg 20
1983 Mercy 20-Dubourg 0 (B Team game!)

??? Mercy—DuBourg (not sure what year this is…will have to wait for digital copy)

To order games, please go to this link and fill out the information.

Payment is by PayPal.