Peer-Reviewed Monographs

  • Landscape and History on the Medieval Irish Frontier: The King’s Cantreds in the Thirteenth Century (Brepols, in press, 2015)
  • A Nation in Medieval Ireland? Perspectives on Gaelic National Identity, 1200-1400 (Oxford, Archaeopress: 2004)

Peer-Reviewed Edited Volumes

  • Medieval Lough Ce: History, Archaeology, and Landscape (Dublin, Four Courts Press: 2010) (Editor)
  • Archaeology, Peoples, and Landscapes:  Essays in Honor of Jenna Higgins (Institute of European Archaeology Press, 2012) (Editor)


  • “Medieval Moated Sites in County Roscommon, Ireland:  A Statistical Approach,”  Chateau Gaillard:  Etudes de Castellogie Medievale, Aarhus (University of Caan, Volume 26, 2014).
  • “Dental microwear texture analysis of mandibular molars from Medieval Ireland and England.” Federations of American Societies of Experimental Biology Journal 26 (2012): 9976.
  • “Castle Reconstruction using 3D Computer Technology,” Chateau Gaillard: Etudes de Catellogie Medievale, Rindern (University of Caan, Volume 25, 2012).
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  • “Editors Note: Medieval Irish Studies in the United States,” Journal of the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies (Volume 1, 2006): 1-6.
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  • “Prophesies of the Expected Deliverer in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Irish Bardic Poetry,” New Hibernia Review (August, 2002): 113-125.
  • “The Moated Site at Cloonfree,” Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society (July 2002), 72-87; Reprinted as “The Moated Site of Cloonfree,” The Journal of the County Roscommon Society for History and Archaeology.

Book Chapters

  • “The MacDermot Identity in the Thirteenth Century,” in Becoming and Belonging in Medieval Ireland (University College Cork Press, forthcoming 2015).
  • “Hall Houses, Church, and State in Thirteenth-Century Roscommon:  The Origins of the Irish Tower House,” in The Tower in Medieval Europe (Shaun Tynan Press, Leister, 2014)
  • “The medieval bishops of Elphin and the lost church at Kilteasheen,” in Princes, Prelates, and Poets in Medieval Ireland:  Essays in Honour of Katharine Simms (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2013).
  • “O’Conor Grand Strategy and the Connacht Chronicle in the Thirteenth Century,” in Medieval Lough Cé: History, Archaeology, Landscape (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2010).

Current Graduate Students

  • Elizabeth Kronewitter
  • Donal Hegarty
  • Meg Smith