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Day One around Lough Key

We had a great first day today. We spent most of the day going over how to use the gear that Paul Naessens of NUI-Galway has brought. We also took a tour of Kilteasheen, a site that I excavated ten year ago. Paul also spent a good part of the day showing students the “fine art” of photogrammetry and landscape reconstruction using Pix4D, a high-end 3D photo modeling software that is used with aerial photography.

I should point out that Paul is a certified unmanned aerial controller here in Ireland, and is therefore one of the few licensed individuals in the State who is qualified to legally collect and produce photos and video using a drone. He has quickly become a national expert on the area. UAVs are incredible tools for archaeologists, but anyone reading this should understand that in many countries the laws are changing quickly regarding the use of UAVs, and while the are great tools, without proper training and procedure they can be dangerous.

We shall post images from our work tomorrow.

Archaeological Field School at Lough Key

And here we go…starting our 2015 Field School at Lough Key this summer. ┬áIm very excited about this summer and will be posting a few entries here and there.